Sensational Business Club

Treating Business as a Practice

How we feel matters,
especially when working together.

For me, Sensation beats Story every single time. (And we all know how powerful story is) How you and others react to the story is more important than the story itself.

Therefore, taking the time to step into the Sensations that come up within our business story makes sense to me as a method to unpick our blocks and improve our impact. I hope it makes sense to you too.

Lots of us, I include myself here, spend time diving into ourselves around spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, exercise and yoga etc all of which are great places for us to explore our edges, challenge ourselves, find old patterns, achieve goals and grow personally.

The Sensational Business Membership brings all that same exploration, sensation, vulnerability and desire into our business.
To be harnessed and applied. 

Turn up as you are (really who you are and how you are feeling)
I don’t mean the person you think you should be, telling us the lame arse story of how you should behave, what you or your business should look like.
I mean you, the sensational you that is bursting to get out, that can say all and do all the things that others have not even thought of.

- Tell us who you are, what your business is, why it’s important to you, why (most importantly) it’s important to those you serve. Dive into where you are stuck, where you hide, where you make excuses, where you value yourself and your products/services, the patterns that ‘just keep happening’ that you may not even recognise.

- Then step out of your own way (with help and support) and let’s make it happen.

Sensations will run through the sessions as we discuss the Practical, the practicable (if that is even a word) and the Actionable before sitting again sitting in the Sensations. (This is what makes the SBM different to the standard mastermind)

Be Sensational and have a Sensational Business.

At every level of the Sensational Business Membership, we are witnessed and appreciated for being Sensational. We embrace how our challenges make us feel and we hear from others how we/our words/our sensations sit with them.

What it is:

  • A Combination of Mastermind and 1 on 1 Coaching.
  • A Physically and Energetically held space.
  • An Intimately connected group experience. (usually no more than 6-8 participants.)
  • A regular practice within your business to enhance your impact.
  • A trusting, vulnerable and expansive experience.
  • An interactive space to give/receive attention and reflections of your own internal patterns.
  • Facilitated to enable participants to slip into their flow and unlock their future potential today.
  • Guided, to reflect you/your words, to open you up and move you forward.
  • Non-Judgemental, you can be honest with the group and yourself.
  • Fun, heart centred, emotional, uplifting, inspiring, groundbreaking, and most importantly Sensational.
  • An awakening of the senses
  • An opportunity for personal accountability

This is not –

  • Not : A series of emails or downloadable pdfs
  • Not : PreRecorded videos in a course
  • Not : Remote self study
  • Not : A massive group session listening to 20 other people wondering when you will get heard.

(All of those formats have their place, it’s just not here. We will probably even talk about these as strategies you could apply to maximise your impact)

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