Sensational Business Coach
– Stephen Wells

Stephen Wells

A business coach that speaks from the heart.
I listen to what people say & reflect back to them what I hear.
Unlocking what is blocking them and helping them move forward.

So, How did I get here and what does being a business coach mean to me?

My background

I never really know how much to share at this point:

Do you want to know about my scientific background, my use of logic, experimentation, reasoning, testing and questioning everything?

Do you want to know how (and why) my world, and life, fell apart when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour? (and how I eventually recovered from that)

Do you want to know about my jobs in logistics, project management, requirement gathering, training, making things happen, software and processes development?

Do you want to know about my 20+ years of personal development, martial arts, energy work, Reiki, NLP, meditation, coaching and being coached?

If any of these are important to you feel free to ask me about then (and more) when we talk. I, however, will be more interested in hearing about you.

How I work as a Business Coach

My mind works at a million miles an hour, I have something that fixes and breaks pretty much all my scenario’s, I have a repository of information that I have focused to the smallest increment and abstracted to the highest global view. But that is all about me, not you.

My coaching comes from the heart (with everything mentioned above behind it). I listen to what people say and reflect back to them what I hear.

Some say I’m blunt, some say I’m flippant, some say I’m arrogant (I honestly try not to be) but overall most people say I trigger something in them that changes the way they think about their situation. << That make me happy.

It makes me happy because for many years I was stuck, I was repeating the same behaviours (and sometimes still do) and getting the same results. It took lots of different people (who were honest enough with me) to shake that up and bring me out the other side.

Sensational Business Coach - Stephen Wells

Other things to know about me are:

I used to hate having my picture taken,
now I'm OK with it.

I am happiest in shorts, sandals, t-shirt and maybe a hoodie, sitting in a park rather than an office.
(So don't be surprised if that is how you see me when we have a video call.)

Sensational Business Coach -Steve Wells